About the Artist

I was a talented artist at high school where I had a few pictures exhibited. Due to a bout of teenage rebellious behaviour I was removed from art class and never got to take my exams. I bypassed the whole adult academic system and chose to start travelling instead. My father is an old school signwriter and graphic designer who still paints and has been a mentor for me. There’s an artistic gene that runs in our family, my brother and sister are also talented in the field of art and design.

I have always painted throughout the years, in recent times I have had more time and space to pursue my artistic endeavours. I work on a daily basis from my studio in Granada province or from rented accommodation on my travels.

My work reflects the worldly lifestyle that I have led and the different cultures that I have experienced. I like to capture the moment, the local feeling, the movement. Exposing unique colours, people, food and architecture that can be fascinating to an observer totally removed from the environment that I have portrayed.

I hope that you enjoy my site, please feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

Gary Elderfield

The present
Settled in Alhama de Granada, a picturesque, historical town in the hills near Granada. I spend a few months travelling every winter in search of inspiration, most recently Vietnam and the Philippines.


Became addicted to travelling. Hitchhiked around Europe as far as Turkey as well as Israel and Morocco. Work: Fruit picking, washing up, any odd jobs.

Majority of time in either Munich or East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi). Work: Building in Munich, buying and selling African art.

Colombia and South America. Work: Teacher at English academy, work at Indian restaurant.

Travelled Central America, South East Asia and India. Limited amount of work.

England. London and Osea Island in Essex. Work: Renovating period properties.

Resident in Alhama de Granada, Spain. Work: Painting, renovating period properties.